How Lighci hired 60 Engineers in 7 months

Hiring great talent is tough.

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Hiring is tough. Many employers struggle to build an employer brand to attract enough applicants. Those who get volume, struggle with quality. A bad hire can cost at least 30% of their annual salary. How did Lightci hire 60 quality engineering candidates in seven months? The magic behind this involved three key strategies that fueled our success. Let’s dive in.

Engineers Hiring Engineers

Lightci adopted a unique approach to hiring by having engineers conduct the recruitment process. They understand the job’s technical requirements and can effectively communicate with candidates. They also understand the company’s culture well. This makes them the perfect candidates to conduct interviews. This nontraditional approach has proven to work well and is something HR departments have yet to tap into. Consider supplementing or replacing recruiters with position-specific employees.

Leveraging our network

We did what any business knows how to do but often fails to execute well on — tapping into our network to find potential candidates. We contacted former colleagues, clients, and industry contacts to find engineers who would fit the company well. This strategy proved very effective, as referrals made up a significant portion of our client’s hires. A large referral engine saves you time and money. You don’t need to put up postings or interview unvetted candidates. Build a team that aligns with your culture and trust they can get the job done to refer folks who align with your company values.

Salary transparency

Salary transparency is key when it comes to attracting top talent. It’s seen increased demand in the job market, and by being at the forefront of this change, Lightci attracted a bigger talent pool. Candidates are aware of the salary range before they apply. This eliminates any surprises during the negotiation process. We often have companies hesitant to disclose compensation. We communicate upfront to them that it’s non-negotiable when they work with us. If they don’t like that, they can find talent elsewhere. We’re all about candidate experience — you have to be in this labour market.

Moving Forward

It’s an exciting time to be in the engineering talent space and we’re glad to have folks following along on our journey.

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