We've driven big results for the biggest fintechs.

Apple Cash, specifically Savings and Pay Later is mostly us. Google's credit rail in Pay and Wallet are mostly us too.

We work with

Benefits of working with Lightci

We focus on solving the largest blockers for Fintechs’ success

Find the best talent

We rely on our networks, not job postings, to recruit and vet onshore engineers for your fintech, lightning fast. Never get stuck without resources again.

Stay focused

Hiring engineering talent can be a major time sink. We use a better approach to eliminate the hassle, so you can stay focused on shipping great products.

Remain competitive

In an industry that moves at the speed of light, get flexible resources to scale up and down. Recruit better candidates, faster, and unlock hidden talent.

Get domain expertise

We are engineers recruiting engineers. We look for quality, onshore candidates with expertise in fintech, so they can hit the ground running.


We power the teams behind Apple Cash, specifically Savings and Pay Later.
Team members
weeks to launch


We power the teams behind Google Wallet and more.
Team members
Weeks to launch


We power the team behind their credit products
with crypto rewards.
Team members
weeks to launch
saved eng spend


We perform the work behind their UI/UX and core credit API, representing a material portion of their capabilities for generating cards and accounts.
Team members
Weeks to rebuild
Saved Eng Spend


We power the team that created their internal payments processor.
Team members
weeks to launch
Saved Eng Spend

Start hiring great engineers today.

Access hidden engineering talent. Faster and easier.

Lightci FAQs

Get answers to most commonly asked Qs.

How is Lightci able to work with such prestigious brands?

We care deeply about our clients success and have a highly specialized approach. Our team is made up of tech veterans that are domain experts first and everything else second. This means that when we find talent or build products, we are able to achieve results that other firms would not be able to. Again, we’re by engineers, for everyone.

We refuse to use outside help, so why should we start with Lightci?

While we understand your reluctance, partnering with us brings significant executional and financial upside. Hiring engineers and building products are a time-consuming and challenging process, but we make it easy. In fact, we have been the first external firm that some of our clients worked with (like Brex) because of our ability to build great products and recruit top-tier software engineering talent quickly.

We already have great in-house recruitment team, so why use Lightci?

As you can imagine, our major clients (Apple, Google) have very strong in-house recruiting teams. Yet, they still work with us in a big way. It is difficult for in-houses teams to consistently get in front of top talent, and nearly impossible for them to do so in under 10 days. The best engineers rarely respond to talent generalists, but do respond to ex-startup founders that have had well-known exits.

We already work with other external recruitment firms, so why use Lightci?

Our quality is high. We have a 100% talent retention rate and our clients have scaled their work with us. Our laser-focus on tech talent, combined with our quality network of vetted candidates allows us to quickly identify and attract top-tier talent. We also build long-term friendships with both our talent network and clients, which sets us apart substantially from other firms.

What is an Employer of Record (EOR), and why does it make working with Lightci easy?

An EOR is a third-party entity that serves as the legal employer for a contractor or employee, handling tasks such as payroll, taxes, and benefits. By working with us as your EOR, you enjoy the benefits of hiring anyone without the administrative and legal burdens of employment. This allows you to focus on your core business instead of being slowed down by internal approvals or busywork.